We use digital ocean to host our primary servers and manage some of our domains. DigitalOcean provides an amazing platform with great VPS and other solutions. We're currently able to run our primary servers there through a one time donation that is valid for one year.


On both our Production and our Development server we have a licence from Plesk. This helps us to manage our servers with tools for our clients to easily manage their own sites.


UptimeRobot notifies us immediately if one of the sites we manage is down or if a certificate is no longer valid. This allows us to respond immediately and that is how we keep the downtime to a minimum.


Most of our applications log errors to Sentry providing us with the ability to monitor and quickly respond to any errors that occur. We also plan to use Sentry to monitor performance and see where we can optimize our applications in the future.


Forward Email

Some of our customers do not want a full email setup and instead want to just forward email addresses associated to their domain to their already existing email addresses.


We're using G-Suite for Nonprofits the BeTo Foundation and for our clients we help with the application and setup.


We're using Office365 from Microsoft and for our clients we can setup Outlook, Office licenses (for the board), and Teams. We can also help with other Microsoft services.